Did you know that National Grilling Month is actually a thing?

Love to grill but afraid you’ll royally stuff it up? Or are you just more stressed at cooking as the sheer cost of food in Singapore, whether eating in or eating out, food can be quite costly. Time and time again we hear of friends buying expensive meats and asking how it went, only to find out that they fucked it up. Here are some ways and tips to help you get across that line as a star-wannabe pit boss in the making.


  1. Always start with a clean grill. It’s kinda gross if you don’t. Don’t be that guy. 


  1. Preheat. Always preheat your grill before putting anything on. Not only will it cook better, it will literally prevent food sticking to the grill and more importantly, safely cooking your food. 


  1. Oil the grill grates. Pro Tip** cut a potato and rub the inside of the potato on the hot grill grates, this will make the grill naturally non-stick from all the starches from the potato. It also helps reduce flare ups when using oils and sprays instead. 


  1. Avoid putting cold food on the grill. Always always always never cook a piece of meat when it is cold. This will result in the meat cooking unevenly and quite frankly it wont taste as great for being a patient little chap. Leave any meat you want to grill out and let it warm up closer to room temp before firing up.


  1. Always season the meat as you go. Seasoning any meat only once prior to cooking will more often than not, give you a piece of meat that is under seasoned. You should be building the flavour as you go and you will end up with something tasty.


  1. Buy a meat thermometer. To ensure you cook the internal doneness of the meat to what you want and more importantly achieve food safety so no one gets sick. Unless you are a caveman that likes it raw. If you aren’t experienced enough to tell the doneness of meat by the touch of your hand, this is a quick sure fire way to eliminate that. Your confidence will be that of an aspiring masterchef in no time. 


  1. Don’t get antsy and impatient and keep moving the food all around the grill. Simply put, if you leave most meats on longer without flipping, you will generate that nice caramelized char and browning that we all want. Also, it helps meat to unstick itself once it has cooked more and released itself. 


  1. Undercook foods, just a little before removing. When food is removed from the grill, there is a thing called carryover cooking that continues to cook good. We can expect the internal temperature of meats to rise about 5-10 degrees. So think about this carefully so you don’t overcook.


  1. Rest all meat before slicing. If you don’t rest the meat before eating, what you will encounter is that the meat is less juicy. It pays to be patient here, no matter how much of a beauty it looks like


  1. Have a cold beverage handy and remember to enjoy the good times outside with friends and family. Remember, when you’re eating together with your friends and loved ones, this is when the best memories are made. Enjoy the simple things. 


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