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The Chicken Cacciatore

$16.00 Excluding 9% GST

100% Naturally-Raised & Certified Chicken

This hunter’s stew is slow-cooked through sous vide absorbing the rich flavours from the sauce making it tender and juicy as the sauce purees in a thicker texture. Great to serve over rice or anything else you want.

Chicken Cacciatore : 

Portion: 1PKT @ 320GM+/- (1PC) – $16

To Keep: Store refrigerated (not frozen) in sealed pouch for up to 21 days while retaining freshness. If opened, keep in fridge for a couple days max. 

To Eat: Leave pouch out to get to room temperature and fire up in Pan for 6-8mins each side. Detailed guidelines are provided with delivery of each product and is also online (scroll down).

*Our guidelines are what we have personally managed to test and can recommend, feel free to try finishing your Sousvidelicious creations in other ways!*

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1. Remove Chicken from the refrigerator for at least 15mins prior to cooking to get to room temperature.

2. Preheat a nonstick pan on medium-high heat, and empty all contents into the pan only when it is hot.

3. Stir occasionally to ensure the Chicken does not burn on the bottom, and partially cover the pan to reduce sauce.

4. Do this for 5-6mins per side, until it has completely warmed up through.

5. Remove from heat and you’re ready to go!

Our finishing instructions have been tested and recommended, but can be finished off in other ways. However, results may vary.

Min. Order1 Piece Pack
Serving Recommendation1PC PER PERSON
FinishingHeat in Pan - 10-12mins
*All weight is based on the weight when raw*
Dietary ClaimsRich in low-fat protein and various vitamins and minerals
Dietary RestrictionsDairy-Free
AllergensContains - Wheat (Flour)
IngredientsAnchovies, Black Pepper, Capsicum, Celery, Chicken Stock, Dried Oregano, Dried Parsley, Eggplants, Garlic, Green Olives, Italian Seasoning, Kosher Salt, Lemon, Onion, Plain Flour, Tomatoes, Vegetable Oil
FarmOur Chicken is freshly delivered and handpicked daily for the highest quality, and is free from antibiotics and other medications.
Please specify if you have any allergies and we will try to adapt our products to your needs


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