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Lockdown Roast Special

$150.00 Excluding 7% GST

Stay at home this lockdown and enjoy your meals in style. Whether its an intimate dinner with your loved one or with some family and friends, impress with your “culinary skills”! We’ve put together a promotional special for this period of staying home. Our Lockdown Roast bundle consists of:

1 x 1KG 150Days Ribeye Roast

1 x Asparagus & Lemon @ 300GM

1 x Duck Fat Potatoes @ 300GM

1 x Wholegrain Mustard

1 x Homemade Herb Gravy @ 200ML

*This bundle is not eligible for any other promotions (promo codes)

Riverina Farms / Australian Black Angus 150 Days

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1. Remove Beef from the refrigerator for at least 45mins prior to cooking to get to room temperature.

2. Preheat oven to 250°C on grill-fan. If oven does not get that hot, amend to a longer finishing time with lower heat.

3. Open bag, remove Beef, and carefully pat dry on both sides with a paper towel.

4. Once the oven is hot, on a tray and parchment paper, place the Beef on the middle rack and allow it to cook for 20-25mins - until a char starts to form. Each oven is different, so you will have to monitor the timing.

5. Once char has formed, allow Beef to rest for a couple of minutes before slicing. Serve with mustard and you’re ready to go!

*Tip: Finish this on the BBQ.

Our finishing instructions have been tested and recommended, but can be finished off in other ways. However, results may vary.

Min. Order1 KG +/- Per Ribeye Roast | 300G Asparagus & Lemon | 300G Duck Fat Potatoes | 1 btl Wholegrain Mustard | 200ML Herb Gravy
Serving Recommendation1.7 KG +/- Per Tomahawk Bundle Set [Serves 4~5]
FinishingHeat in Oven - 20-25mins
AdditionalOur finishing instructions have been tested and recommended, but can be finished off in other ways. However, results may vary.
*All weight is based on the weight when raw*
Dietary ClaimsHigh in Protein and other vitamins and minerals
Dietary RestrictionsN/A
AllergensContains - Dairy (Butter)
IngredientsBlack Pepper, Fresh Rosemary, Fresh Thyme, Garlic, Garlic Powder, Onion Powder, Chilli Powder, Kosher Salt, Unsalted Butter
FarmOur Beef is sourced through farms with high quality and ethical practices without the use of growth hormones, or genetically-modified feedstuff.
Please specify if you have any allergies and we will try to adapt our products to your needs


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