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The Bone-in Short Rib

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✔ Naturally-Raised  ✔ Grain-Fed  ✔ Certified

100% fresh, chilled, and natural ingredients only, pre-cooked sous vide, delivered chilled and vacuum-sealed to keep or eat.

Our short-rib is marinated with homemade flavours and slow cooked to fall-off-the-bone deliciousness. Remaining on the bone, the flavours are unbelievable of course – especially from the flavours of the fattier cut! Mmmm guilty pleasure much? Served perfectly with polenta or mashed potatoes and a side of mustard of course! Try out our Boneless Short Rib if you’re looking for an option without the bone.

Bone-in Short Rib:

Portion: 1Rib @ 750GM+/- (1 maybe 2 PAX) | 3Ribs @ 2.2KG+/- (2 or 3 PAX)

To Keep: Store refrigerated (not frozen) in sealed pouch for up to 21 days while retaining freshness. If opened, keep in fridge for a couple days max. 

To Eat: Leave pouch out to get to room temperature and fire up in the Oven for 6-8mins . Detailed guidelines are provided with delivery of each product and is also online (scroll down).

*Our guidelines are what we have personal managed to test and can recommend, feel free to try finishing your Sousvidelicious creations in other ways!*



LEAVE -Leave vacuum-sealed pouch out for at least 30-45mins prior to cooking to bring to room temperature.

PREHEAT - Preheat oven to 250°C on grill-fan. If oven does not get that hot, amend to a longer finishing time with lower heat.

PREPARE - Open bag, remove Beef, and carefully pat dry on both sides with a paper towel. Discard bone guard on the tip of the bone. *Tip: Reserve juice and liquids from the bag for later use.

HEAT - Only when the oven is hot, on a tray and parchment paper, place the Beef on the upper rack and allow it to cook for 4-6mins - until a char starts to form. Each oven is different so you will have to monitor the timing. *Tip: Reduce reserved juice and liquids from the bag in a saucepan and slowly spoon into gravy for added flavour.

EAT - Once char has formed, allow Beef to rest for a couple of minutes, serve with mustard and you’re ready to go! *Tip: Finish this on the BBQ

*All weight is based on the weight when raw*
FarmU.S prime angus grain-fed, 44farms
Ingredientsblack pepper, fresh rosemary, fresh thyme, garlic, garlic powder, kosher salt, mustard powder, onion powder, unsalted butter
Dietary Restrictionsgluten-Free
Allergenscontains - dairy (butter)
Please specify if you have any allergies and we will try to adapt our products to your needs

2 reviews for The Bone-in Short Rib

  1. Stephanie Wong (verified owner)

    We had this for dinner one night and my dad took the entire piece after he had a bite

  2. Stephen Vanicek

    Came straight off the bone. Delicious!

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