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The Strawberry Cheesecake

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100% fresh and quality ingredients only, pre-cooked sous vide, delivered chilled and ready to eat. Keep fresh while refrigerated until use by date.

Portion/Serving: 1JAR @ 115GM+/- (2 Servings)

Individual glass Mason jar cheesecakes with strawberry compote and a biscuit crumble that goes on top. Made with Philadelphia Cream Cheese for a velvety smooth texture, and a hint of lemon for that tangy twist. Simple & Delicious. 


Out of stock

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1 Keep jar refrigerated @ 1-5°C until use by date.

2 Add toppings, crush biscuit, enjoy!

AdditionalOur finishing instructions have been tested and recommended, but can be finished off in other ways. However, results may vary.
Serving Recommendation2 Servings
*All weight is based on the weight when raw*
IngredientsButtermilk, Cream Cheese, Eggs, Sugar, Salt, Vanilla Extract / Topping - Biscuits, Strawberry, Lemon, Sugar, Salt
Dietary RestrictionsContains - Dairy (Cheese/Eggs/Milk)
Please specify if you have any allergies and we will try to adapt our products to your needs


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