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The Tuscan Osso Buco

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100% Naturally-Raised & Certified

We braise our Veal shanks with a traditional Italian classic, a recipe taught from our home.  A hearty style wine and and veggie based sauced, if you’re the sort that loves a saucy based dish to throw onto rice, this is it for you. Meal prep for yourself or have it as a classy sit down on some mashes or polenta, a nice bottle of pinot, and you’re good to go. Oh and garnishing is crucial! We got your gremolata covered complimentary – otherwise it ain’t Osso Buco!!! Now…Suck out all of the marrow out of life!!!

Braised Veal Shanks (Osso Buco) :

Portion: 1PKT @ 450GM+/- (2-3 Marrows for 1-2PAX)

To Keep: Store refrigerated (not frozen) in sealed pouch for up to 21 days while retaining freshness. If opened, keep in fridge for a couple days max. 

To Eat: Leave pouch out to get to room temperature and fire up in Pan, finish with complimentary Gremolata. Detailed guidelines are provided with delivery of each product and is also online (scroll down). Or, try to finish it your way!

T.Boer & zn / Dutch Grain Fed


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1. Remove Veal from the refrigerator for at least 20mins prior to cooking to get to room temperature.

2. Preheat a nonstick pan on medium-high heat, and empty all contents into the pan only when it is hot.

3. Stir occasionally to ensure the Beef does not burn on the bottom, and partially cover the pan to reduce sauce.

4. Do this for 6-7mins per side, until it has completely warmed up through.

5. Remove from heat, serve with our complimentary gremolata and you’re ready to go!

Our finishing instructions have been tested and recommended, but can be finished off in other ways. However, results may vary.

Serving Recommendation1PKT @ 450GM+/- (2-3 Marrows for 1-2PAX)
FinishingHeat in Pan - 12-14mins
AdditionalOur finishing instructions have been tested and recommended, but can be finished off in other ways. However, results may vary.
*All weight is based on the weight when raw*
Dietary ClaimsExtra lean and low in fat protein
Dietary Restrictionsn/A
AllergensContains - Wheat (Flour), Dairy (Butter)
IngredientsBay Leaves, Beef Stock, Black Pepper, Carrots, Celery, Dried Marjoram Leaves, Dried Thyme Leaves, Fennel, Garlic, Italian Seasoning, Kosher Salt, Merlot Red Wine, Olive Oil, Plain Flour, Tomatoes, Unsalted Butter, Yellow Onion
FarmOur Veal is sourced through farms with high quality and ethical practices resulting in beautifully tender cuts.
Please specify if you have any allergies and we will try to adapt our products to your needs

2 reviews for The Tuscan Osso Buco

  1. cchanys@outlook.com (verified owner)

    Excellent product. Very easy to prepare and taste like restaurant standard.

  2. cchanys@outlook.com (verified owner)

    Excellent products. Very easy to prepare and it goes well with rice. Portion is good for 2 persons as stated

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